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We are pleased to announce the launch of our own brand of good quality complete dry food for cats and dogs. A range covering kittens and puppies, adults and senior alike. Why not try some today?
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At Thrums, we have a team of experienced vets, young and old who have a very keen interest in all aspects of looking after your pets.

We have invested in a wide range of specialised equipment such as a video endoscope, digital x-ray systems, ultrasound scanners which means that we can diagnose and treat more problems without needing to refer to specialist centres around the country unless it is essential.

All of our nurses are dedicated and we have 24 hour nursing care on site so if your pet needs to stay in overnight, they won't be left alone in the building.

All of our surgeries stock a wide range of pet food and toys to keep your pet healthy and happy. We make sure all our prices are very competitive. If you work out the cost per day to feed your pet, our food works out seriouly cheaper than alot of supermarket bought pet food. We also only sell food which we would feed our own pets.